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All the elements of this site (text, photographs, videos, graphics, illustrations) are subject to legislation concerning rights to public information and are covered by copyright. These elements remain the exclusive property of the PANACHE partners.

All reproduction rights are reserved, including documents that can be downloaded and photographic and iconographic representations.
Reproduction of all or part of the site in any electronic format is formally prohibited without the express authorisation of the publication director. The reproduction of the site on paper is authorised for personal, professional, or associative use, as long as the following three conditions are expected:

  • free distribution
  • respect of the integrity of documents reproduced with no modification or alteration of any sort
  • clear and legible quoting of the source indicating the name "PANACHE", and the website address of PANACHE:, and the wording: "© PANACHE - Reproduction prohibited - All rights reserved". Any distribution or use of information for commercial gain or advertising is strictly prohibited. For any other potential use, please contact us. The brands named on this site are registered by the companies that own them.

Copyrights of the top pictures:

Dog whelk - Nucella lapillus

Copyright: Matt Slater - Cornwall Wildlife Trust

"Cargos et voilier au cap Gris-Nez, au plus près des côtes et des falaises de l'Angleterre »

Copyright : Ludivine Têtu / Agence des aires marines protégées

In a rockpool on the shore at Bude - Cornwall

Incredible biodiversity of the rock pools - with many species of sea weed including the invasive species Sargassum muticum.

Copyright: Matt Slater - Cornwall Wildlife Trust


Copyright: Julie Hatcher, Dorset Wildlife Trust

PANACHE Shore Laboratory Public event Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Laboratoire du littoral - PANACHE - évènement public organisé par le Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Copyright: Jess Hirons

« Les falaises de craie d'Ault surplombant des plages de galet »

Copyright : Ludivine Têtu / Agence des aires marines protégées

Corynactis viridis

Copyright : Thomas Abiven

« Agents du Parc effectuant le protocole de suivi de l'Ifremer sur les hermelles »

Copyright: C. Lefeuvre / Agence des aires marines protégées

View of St George's Island

Copyright: Claire Lewis /Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Pink Sea Fans Padstow

Copyright: Keith Hiscock

Haliclystus auricula

Copyright: Paula lightfoot

Clavelina lepadiformis

Copyright :Justin A. Evans/

Herbier de zostère (Zostera marina), Chausey

Copyright : Thomas Abiven


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updated on 03/05/2015
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