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Assessing the Planktonic Connectivity of the Channel MPA Network

Creator : Morgane Travers-Trolet, Marieke Froissart and Marie Savina-Rolland
Date : 05/03/2015

While Work Package 1 of the PANACHE project aims at assessing the ecological coherence of the current network of MPAs designated to date across the Channel area, the current report studies more particularly the planktonic connectivity among the Channel MPA network through the simulation of eggs and larvae drift by Lagrangian models. Two complementary approaches were used: the first one considers as many species as possible but with a coarse representation of biological processes, and the second approach focuses on MPA connectivity through the larval transport of the well-known common sole species, for which knowledge of biological processes and associated parameters exist. Results allow the identification of clusters of highly connected MPAs that should be managed together, or conversely isolated areas for which local management measures will prevail. Finally, areas of cross-Channel connectivity appear to be limited, and concern mostly species with long larval transport.

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updated on 03/05/2015
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