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Marine birds database

Within the framework of work package 2, a database that is interoperable with the North-East Atlantic MPA database was developed to meet the needs of the marine birds observatory.

In the field of bird surveys, each NGO or marine protected area manager currently have their own database and there is no reflection on a more global scale. Also, the database fields vary greatly and there is no real standardisation of data.

With this database it will be possible to manage the annual survey data of the main bird species present on the Channel coastline and thus assess the role that marine protected areas play in their conservation.

It comprises a PostgreSQL base populated by the various associations and organisations responsible for bird monitoring in the Channel, a map collection and dynamic mapping based on the technology developed by Ifremer via Sextant: 

>> Find it now on the website!


Amerrissage d'un puffin

Credit : Laëtitia Beauverger

Little tern chick

John Dadds Dorest WLT - LD

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updated on 03/05/2015
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