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Towed video system for biodiversity monitoring / PANACHE / ifremer

The "PAGURE" is a bottom-contacting towed video sledge.

It was developed in a context of increasing need for benthic habitat characterisation and monitoring, both for the purpose of biodiversity monitoring within MPA networks but also for any kind of benthic indicator and exploited species monitoring.

Its design was driven by the will to use it as a complementary tool in pre-existing monitoring surveys, and particularly on stock assessment surveys. It is heavy and robust enough to be used on a wide range of depth, seabed type, currents and weather conditions. The easiness of its use and deployment also insured that no specialised member of staff is required to deploy it. Most importantly it was designed to yield high definition, forward facing, video footages and vertical stills and generate accurate quantitative information on encountered biota and seabeds as to measure taxonomic diversity, size and density of individuals and seabed impact indices.


Check out a video of the PAGURE first steps in the Channel!

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updated on 03/05/2015
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