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Site Navigation Aid

Site Map

The site map can be accessed from the bottom-right corner of any page of the website.
The site map includes links to every page.

Search Engine

The search engine can be accessed from any page of the site; it is located above the main banner, on the left.

The search results correspond to "text-only" extraction of pages most closely matching your query. The search terms display in bold in the extracted sentences for faster finding. The percentage following the page title indicates the relevancy of the result.

Ease of reading

Style guide

The style guide was devised and implemented with accessibility parameters in mind. Contrast and colour overlay issues were taken into account to avoid any reading difficulties for the visually impaired.

Enlarging / Reducing Text Size

A default size is defined for each textual element on the site. Visitors can adjust this size using the relevant function in their browser:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: "View" menu, then "Text Size",
  • Firefox 2.0 and higher: "View" menu, then "Zoom Text".

Visitors can also:

  • Enlarge or reduce text size by clicking the "A+" and "A-" buttons centred above the main banner, to the right of the search engine,
  • Use keyboard shortcuts "CTRL +" (to enlarge text size) and "CTRL -" (to reduce it).

Consultation of Content


The website's editorial content was carefully designed to allow everyone to understand the content as best as possible.

The website features a permanent glossary listing definitions for words, acronyms and expressions used throughout the site. This glossary can be accessed from any page of the site; it is centred in the orange bar in the bottom banner.


At various places in the website, we propose .PDF (Portable Document Format) files that can be viewed and downloaded.

The content of each page can also be exported as a PDF file by clicking on the corresponding pictogram in the top banner.

To be able to view these PDF files, Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer. Adobe Acrobat Reader may be downloaded and installed for free from the website of Adobe Systems Inc.

Printable Version

The "Print page" tool is available on each page by clicking on the pictogram representing a printer in the top banner.

The "Print" function can also be found in the menu bar at the top of every browser, under File > Print.

When printing a page, all of the website's navigation elements will be hidden so that you only print the useful informational content.

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updated on 03/05/2015
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