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Risk management applied to marine habitats and fisheries in MPAs in the English Channel

Creator : Ian Jones, Erin Pettifer, Gwenola de Roton, Gérald Mannaerts, Guillaume Fauveau
Date : 04/03/2015

Risk management, the possibility of an event occurring that will have an impact (in the cas of this report, a negative impact on marine habitats) is central to good governance and effective strategic management.


On the French side of the Channel, the  assessement of the risk of degration of natural habitats by professional fisheries is done individually on each Natura 200 site. This allow to take into account local sensitivity of each habitat. But beyond this, the definition of management measures based on these analysis, are essentially written in concertation with the fisheries professionals.


In England, the IFCAs ensure of the compliance of the measures taken following these studies. Risk management, in this case, look at the probability that fishery activities are done on a sensitive area.

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updated on 03/05/2015
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