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Marine Protected Area Meeting - 27th and 28th November 2014

Creator : Nausicaa - Centre national de la mer
Date : 16/01/2015

Thursday 27th November 2014

10:30 - "Océan Atlantique" room

  • Welcome in Nausicaá and in the Natural Marine Park "Estuaires Picards et de la Mer d'Opale" by Philippe VALLETTE, Nausicaá General Manager and Dominique GODEFROY, Local Natural Marine Reserve President (Parc Naturel Marin des Estuaires Picards et de la Mer d'Opale)
  • Presentation of the daily program and keynote speakers by David LEFORT, Green Colors journalist
  • Presentation of Panache project by Gérald MANNAERTS, coordinator of Panache Project (AMP, LE HAVRE) (cf. slide show)
  • Interaction with the floor: who is in the room and what is an MPA for each one?
  • Focus on the Natural Marine Park "Estuaires Picards et de la Mer d'Opale" by Catherine CANOVA-RAMET, Local Natural Marine Reserve Managing Director (Parc Naturel Marin des Estuaires Picards et de la Mer d'Opale  (cf. slide show)
  • MPA's diversity on both side of Channel and diversity of rules: how to harmonise? By Xavier HARLAY, project leader, MPA Agency (cf. slide show), Fiona WHITE, Marine Officer, Kent Wildlife Trust (cf. slide show) and  Gwendal DOREL, project leader, MPA Agency (cf. slide show)

13:30 - "Océan Atlantique" room

  • MPA experiences: how do managers observe and measure the quality of MPA? What does MPA change for biodiversity? by Patrick TRIPLET, Syndicat Mixte de la Baie de Somme (cf. slide show) and Sophie COUSENS, Project Officer, Plymouth University Marine Institute (cf.  slide show)
  • Effects of the regulations on the different sectors as Fisheries, Leisure Activities and Energy.
  • With Sarah BIRCHENOUGH, Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Officer, Southern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (cf. slide show)
  • With Romain GUESDON, Ingénieur Environnement, Les Eoliennes en mer de Dieppe Le Tréport (cf. slide show)
  • With Thierry RUELLET, Chargé de Recherches, Directeur du GEMEL (cf. slide show)
  • With Ingrid RICHARD, Vice-Présidente de la FFESSM, Présidente du Comité Départemental 62 de la FFESSM (cf. slide show)
  • The public perception on MPA : by Line VIERA, PANACHE Project Press Officer, MPD Agency (cf. slide show)

15:25 - "Côté Plage Bistrot" - Nausicaá's exhibition - World coffee in several groups

  • What kind of message on MPA do we want to deliver?
  • How to inform the stakeholders and the public?

17:00 - "Océan Atlantique" room

  • Mr Goodfish programme: an example of concerted action by Florence HURON, Mr. Goodfish program project leader (cf.slide show)
  • Restitution of the World coffee (see slide show)
  • Questions at the end of this day  and future steps

18:00 - Nausicaá's permanent exhibition

Visit of Nausicaá and specially MPA exhibition


Friday 28th November

9:00 - "Océan Atlantique" room

Speed presentation of different activities and tools for the public


"Mer du Nord" room



 "Océan Atlantique" room


Workshop 1

Educational tools dealing with MPA: toolkits, interactive web games, videos...

Workshop 2

 Citizen science activities dealing with MPA on both side of Channel

Coffee break included

  • Presentation of the future « serious game » « Panache Expedition », by Line VIERA, PANACHE project Press Officer, MPA Agency (cf. slide show).
  • Presentation of the future exhibition about the local Natural Marine Parc (Estuaires Picards et de la Mer d'Opale), by Rémi DUBOIS, in charge of cultural development, Maréis, Marine fishing Center (cf. slide show).
  • Presentation of the Biodiversity Marine Kit, by Lucie SENECHAL, Workshop Activity Leader, Nausicaá (cf. slide show).
  • Presentation of BioLit and CapOeRa, citizen science programs, by Katy FRANCOIS-MASSET, Workshop Activity Leader, Nausicaá (cf. slide show).
  • Presentation of SeaSearch program, by Amy MARSDEN, Marine Officer, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust (cf.slide show).
  • Presentation of BioObs program, by Jean-Louis LENNE, Vice-President, Commission Régionale environnement et biologie subaquatiques en Nord-Pas de Calais, FFESSM (cf. slide show).
  • Presentation of Local Seals and Cetaceans  program, by Jean-Luc BOURGAIN, Coordination Mammalogique du Nord de la France (cf. slide show).
  • Presentation of Life+ Pêche à Pied program, by Antoine MEIRLAND, Life + Pêche à Pied de Loisir Project Leader MPA Agency  (cf.slide show).

12:00 - "Océan Atlantique" room

  • Presentation of the messages chosen by the participants about MPA
  • Presentation of relevant tools and how to use them efficiently
  • Reactions of the participants and conclusions

14:00 to 17:00 - Field trips at the choice of participants

  • Natural Reserve of Baie de Canche, 1st area of the Conservatoire du Littoral
  • "CROSS Gris-Nez", supervisor of the maritime traffic in the Channel and "Coordination Mammalogique du Nord de la France", observer of marine mammals
  • Nausicaá exhibition

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