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MPA Database

Following work done as part of the MAIA (Marine Protected Areas in the Atlantic Arc) project and efforts to reconcile data with the OSPAR secretariat's database, a common database compiling all MPA management information emerged.

The database combines three different aspects and covers, for now, two geographical areas (Atlantic Europe and Channel/North Sea) and one specific designation (OSPAR).

This common database is designed as a public platform for access to non-restricted information and as a tool for interaction between sea professionals and managers. It will eventually provide a comprehensive view of the network thus allowing for exhaustive analysis.

The PANACHE section, which is currently being updated, compiles all French and English MPAs located in the Western part of the "Greater North Sea" marine sub-region, as far as North Foreland.

The first updating phase involves collecting "standard" data, meaning information shared by countries at European level (Common Database on Designated Areas - CDDA) and then global (World Conservation Monitoring Center / World Database on Protected Areas WCMC WDPA). The data consists of standard perimeters (polygons) and attributes (name, designation, status, creation date, etc.). The North-East Atlantic database retrieves information directly from the national focal points without interfering in the official process.

During the second phase, detailed information will be added about each marine protected area. This information will relate to site management, the resources available to managers (human, technical, etc.), the regulations applied, and species and habitats found, etc.


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updated on 03/05/2015
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