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Projets et initiatives


02/01/2006 - 31/12/2008

Areas Marinas Protegidas del Mediterráneo.

The Project relies in the role of MPA for the sustainable development of local economic activities like artisanal fishing and tourism.
The main goal is using three Mediterranean MPAs, placed in three different regions (Córcega, Cerdeña and Murcia) and shows the differences and the similarities in management resources and sustainable development.

List of Partners

  • Reserva Natural de las Bocas de Bonifacio (RNBB) (France)
  • IAMC-CNR de Oristano
  • Fundación IMC - Centro Marino Internazionale - ONLUS
  • Área marina protegida Penisola del Sinis isola di Mal di Ventre (Italy)
  • Universidad de Murcia (Spain)

Work packages

  1. Comparison of the data and criteria of fishing and tourism management between the three MPA.
  2. Evaluation of the load capacity of the system in relation with fishing and tourism.
  3. Research in innovative management methods for fishing and tourism.



Action 1.1. Study: Socio-economic analysis of fishing and tourism in the three coastal zones.

Action 1.2. Networks: common understanding of management experiences and data base development (Intranet).

Action 1.3. Training: Web design.


Action 2.1: Study: Identification of indicators to evaluate fishing load capacity.

Action 2.2: Study: Identification of indicators to evaluate tourism load capacity.

Action 2.3: Networks: Identification and creation of a network of innovative management tools for fishing and tourism.


Action 3.1: Pilot Project: implementing innovative methods to regulate some fishing activities.

Action 3.2: Pilot Project: implementing innovative methods to regulate some tourism activities.

Action 3.3: Share Experience: sharing: Pilot Projects and implementing of innovative management tools in the three MPA.


Action 4.1 Training and diffusion to the public.

Action 4.2 Share experience: data transfer to other Mediterranean MPA

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