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Projets et initiatives

MARGov Governancia colaborative de areas marinhas protegidas

The project MARGov considers as direct stakeholders, local communities and, in particular, the users of the Marine Park Professor Luiz Saldanha. Specifically these are the fishermen, the scuba diving, recreational fishing and nautical tourism practitioners, tour operators and local associations.

General objectives
* Empower actors for change for the sustainable governance of the Ocean, by the intensification of the eco-social dialog;
* Strengthen the social and human component for the management of marine protected areas promoting active participation of local communities;
* Structure a GIS for the integration of data to support the collaborative process and to become a database of information/knowledge to support the development of actions for long range management.

Specific objectives:

Engage in dialogue the key actors

Promote the strengthening of eco-social dialogue and active participation of local communities, encouraging interactive collaboration for co-management, reducing conflicts and enhancing long-term relationships;

Contribute to the resolution of conflicts, strengthening the constructive dialogue between stakeholders in the discussion of problems and seeking solutions.

Contribute to the empowerment of local actors, fostering the emergence of agents of change

Acknowledge the key stakeholders by exploiting the complementarity of the knowledge they hold, and the corresponding potential for developing collaborative solutions;

Strengthen the skills and co-responsibility of all actors in participated co-management.

Articulate acquaintance and knowledge

Strengthen the interaction between different systems, addressing various types of knowledge (eg traditional, cultural, scientific-technical);

Create synergies to promote the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices among the different actors for the construction of new knowledge to build new collaborative solutions;

Improve the awareness of individuals, organizations and communities to understand the importance of the ocean through the strengthening of identity with the sea.

Designing an integrated management platform supported by a GIS

Development of an integrative platform of information / knowledge to support the participatory process in information sharing, characterization and diagnosis, conflicts simulation, alternatives and future scenarios


IMAR - Institute of Marine Research

FCT/UNL - Faculty of Science and Technology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

ISEGI/UNL - Higher Institute of Statistics and Information Management, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

CENSE - Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research

 Wteam-up - Participation and Empowerment

Useful outputs for MPA practicioners:

MArGov final report :


MARGov Team:

GOVERNANCE AND CITIZENSHIP: Lia Vasconcelos, Márilisa Coelho, Flávia Silva, Rita Sá, Ursula Caser, Graça Gonçalves, José Carlos Ferreira, Maria João Ramos Pereira

PPGIS: Marco Painho, Fernando Dias, Óscar Vidal Calbet, Paula Curvelo, Tiago Humberto Oliveira

SUSTAINABILITY INDICATORS: Maria Helena Costa, Ana Sofia Marques, Sandra Caeiro, Mário Diniz, Tomás Ramos

DYNAMIC MODELLING & GIS: Marta Bastos, Nuno Videira, Pedro Cabral

Contacts & Information:

MARGov Project

Institute of Marine Research - IMAR

Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Faculty of Sciences and Technology

New University of Lisbon

Campus de Caparica - 2829 - 516 Caparica

Tlm 913 606891

Tel 212 948 397

Fax 212 948 554


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