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PANACHE EXPEDITION - Lead a virtual expedition with PANACHE !

A fun and educational videogame introducing protection of the English Channel

"PANACHE Expedition" is a free educational videogame, for Internet and mobile application, allowing the discovery of the maritime space of the English Channel by a wide audience, and more specifically the stakes linked to marine protected areas.

In "PANACHE Expedition", the player is instantly sent into action, choosing a mission and three experts between the six colourful and highly specialized characters available. The choice is essential:  the success of the mission will depend on the composition of the team! The player then has to guide the team trough different environments and lead them to raise awareness, find clues and count species. But many contingencies lie in the way and every character has his own...temper: maintaining a reasonable level of motivation is essential!

Trough five "seascapes" inspired by emblematic sites of the English Channel, in missions involving fantastic and attractive themes (aliens, sea monster, cosmic alchemy, and even Viking sunken treasure), the player will gently discover - whilst having fun - how marine conservation works.

He will learn better everyday gestures and identify those that are best to avoid, discover the variety of stakeholders involved in marine environment management, become familiar with the research methodologies and be led through concrete actions that he might take: become part of a marine birds counting on the cliffs, a submarine species survey during some diving, or participate to a citizen sciences programme.

The game is accessible to anyone over 8 years old and should please adults. It has been developed to "raise awareness over marine protected areas", one of the main objectives of the French-English cooperation project PANACHE, financed by the European Interreg IV A Channel program and coordinated by the French Agence des aires marines protégées.

PANACHE Expedition is available for free download on App Store and Google Play, and can be played online on

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updated on 03/05/2015
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